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stepped out into the woods that have held up the sky, at least for those of a limited mind.. but i'm pleased to say i keep tabs on mine... so it's expanding all the time...
i see so many beautiful colors!

the borderlines are meant not to be crossed
unless you're down for a war...
every cell is a metal tank!
it's something i've become... no, you are not wrong.

yes? no? maybe...
i don't care. it just takes so much to abstain
and the more i try... the more i find which habits i can't trade
just can't get that fifth column to go straight...
the borderlines tell you where you should stay
but mine just grow everyday....

i ate all the seeds, & planted the apples in the ground
man tried to tell me... it works the other way around
i said, 'i don't know, cause i hit stop but still hear sound
tried to just move on, but my roots were firm. my time was now.

i was a child, and i was under the whip, and a dark master barked out "have a nice trip?"
looked at the walls.. i couldn't look at the walls... cause if you look at the walls, they start to close in! (AHHHHHH!)

ooo, i do better now
i'm figurin' it out
how much i can take...
'til my head-nods turn to sha sha sha sha-shakes!
oh, my .. dedication....

oh, i made up a bed if you wanted to stay
it's dark outside..and it will be for days
why doesn't everybody always think this way?
it was a good try... all the rest will be ok...
why doesn't everybody always think this way?
doesn't anybody ever think this way??????
doesn't everybody always think this way???
(i wonder why...each and every time........)


from Warship, released September 26, 2009



all rights reserved


The House Floor Brooklyn, New York

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