Makers of Taste​/​Tests​/​Waste​/​Pious Factions

from by The House Floor

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list all the times you said 'gold!'
'a twelve out of ten if i could give more'
oh, there was something in the way that he knew the pleasures & he mixed the sounds of his pet with a velvet secret
oh, this man is really quite .... charming.

but can this be new? after we have dissected all schools of thought, credited or discredited each opinion, projected the path of every trajectory to the promised land... oh, christmas in the ghetto... i think that it is mythos...
'cause i see suburban snowmen kept warm in Dolce stoles

but oh, don't you test me
'cause i might disappoint you .. so i lied
all the facts i know came from a public school
but are you my black president?
the one, for which, the Archers can be proud of us

hey can this be used? and re-used... just like new again?
oh, i'm sure it's fine. after all, we'll be dead by then
shall we raise our glasses, to the 7-dollar gallon days? & draft, upon some parchment, a declaration of dependency! christmas in the fallout shelter
singing some Helter Skelter... heard low in the Death Valley...
but don't you mind..those..secret codes

oh, in the digital moonlight
even the unskilled sleep tight
no one wants to work on Maggie's farm anymore...
just skip to the dance party
all the songwrights are dead or dying
but if you knew what i was into
you wouldn't speak to me that way !

but now that you're here... i am self-conscious.
are my ideas just some fleeting protest?
a fix for the user
a morsel for the starving man
a prayer from my mother
it won't save me, but it keeps me hangin' on...

oh, this one is nice but there'll be a better life.
oh, these days are so exciting, but there was a simpler time...
where all good men were entitled to the holy wine
and it was cows, not children, that must beat back feasting flies
i am the frozen plains and you are the climate change...
and it's all down from here!
or am i the tidal wave? over the great Sea Change...
the crest and the trough appear!

it might not be much at all...
it might not be much in your eyes
it might not reach you at all
oh, but if you just go ask the ones.......... on the coastline...

they'll teach you your constants.. of gravity.. of substance
and you'll meet your new rivals.. in culture.. & progress
we'll make a mighty lord out of fire & paper
we'll help each other fill the gaps with the infinite vapor
but the time it takes///oh the time that would take...//well, the time it takes...
never crossed my mind

oh, don't you bless me
'cause i know i'll disappoint you
when i die alone
i don't believe i'll get another try to atone
but i know how bad you do
that's why i feel so bad for you


from Warship, released September 26, 2009



all rights reserved


The House Floor Brooklyn, New York

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