Lava (No Hope for the A​-​span)

from by The House Floor

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"oh it's a boy! ... with a hopeful face
& if we refuse the constraints of time it could stay that way"

"watch it, son! don't you touch the ground
can't you see that it's lava now?
since your mother left us, dear
all her woven rugs, that stitch-line verve,
has turned to faulted earth"

father said "the righteous life is an arrogant one"
well, i have seen the light... i stared at the sun!
so now the fire and the flash that strobe the gilded code
when my eyes are closed is such a heavy load.

("come sit by me")
i hear the atheist speak... it's such a pleasing tone
all the lust, the use and abuse, held to this world alone...
BUT between us i can feel a pull/// & i'm almost certain it's not the chemicals... and it feels purposeful.

all i want is to go home
is it sad i don't know where i'm going?
this is all in my mind...
the whispering field, and the passing time
well, maybe we all should cool it for a while..
he's changing right before my eyes
oh dear god, he is changing right before my eyes!
there's always a change right before my eyes...
oh uh oh oh you have become a burden on me
and on everyone

oh, i have been so generous
with my tongue and my lips...
but now I'm done with them.

oh, the women on my arm have always been gorgeous
but the man on theirs hasn't always been honest
will my decisions wear suits!? or just stay in pajamas...
oh, i thought i was special...and could show you places
that no one else can get to
i dream of my restful place, but this is what i wake up to

i'd watch the way that i walk
around the ledge and i would watch the way that i talk around such malleable minds....
might need your love to get by!
might need your god to get by!...............
might need your love to get by!
might need your love to get by
oh, i need your love to get by
much like the drugs to get by, it's all in my mind...
and i say, it's all in my mind

i'm gonna miss you more..when the last one falls..for cupid's tired, old tricks
i'm gonna miss you more..when the hallowed halls..are filled with such doleful dirges
you're gonna miss me when...your revelations
are seen for what they really are!

oh, see my commitment!
i've come this far....
can't take it back now.
can't take it back now!
oh my god! (yes?)
ohhhh...i found that boy.
ohhhh...his eyes wet with joy!'s who i've wanted you to meet!
ohhhh...thank god you found me.
ohhhh... your welcome.


from Warship, released September 26, 2009



all rights reserved


The House Floor Brooklyn, New York

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