Christian Friends

from by The House Floor

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i wanted to go, too
i wanted to go with you
but i cannot go with you 'cause...
we know two different truths (uh oh)
the question mark or the pew (uh oh)
the living with what you lose...

so, will you shake me when the sordid thoughts over take me?
oh, the open-mind doth forsake thee!
can you help me fill it back in? (uh oh)
show me the proper ways one should sin (uh oh)
& why the murders must be forgiven....

talk to me, don't pray for me!

oh purple iris, you knew me when i made this
when my eyes were wild & so full of science
did i lose you to someone you could pray with?
oh, it's a godless faith, but it's a faithful substance

i know, i know, i know
that you can't possibly know
but i know, i know, i know
that i just want us to get to know...
get to know us before there is no us!... just a dusty floor...

you have your faith (x2).., and i have my... and i have my doubts
well, i can make believe, i can bend a knee
i can be thankful for the air i breath
but what i can't get is the arrogance
oh, if you don't know, then you're down below

oh, you say you want to talk....but you don't really want to talk... yours is a mind made up...that;s how you wanna make mine
oh, you never give up... how many more are the gates gonna take.. before the clouds start breakin'?

if you see my babe, tell her i'll be late....

i want.. to know, but i can live without it
i want.. to know, but i can love without it
i want to go... with you.. but i....
i am right where i want to be
in the field, with my mind set free!
(my my my mindset free)

i see through pupils not through glass so stained and ancient
i love you still but i don't get reciprocation
we roll in my car to 'the leader of the pack'
i roll my window down to feel the pristine air flow
you ask me, proudly, where did all this beauty come from?
i mention a large bang and take another drag...


from Warship, released September 26, 2009



all rights reserved


The House Floor Brooklyn, New York

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