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i was parsing through my lowlife searching for some highlights.. when
i'd been given a new lease on life. it's a loft apartment!
oh, i've never been gambling!.. on the Gaza strip..
nor have i eaten a meal without garnish...
when i go slummin', they don't get my reference
who wants to twist with me? in the streets of the townships...
oh, we'll be dancin' in the streets... of the townships.

oh, your clothes! full of holes... did i ha-ha-ha-hand them down?

oh, imagination... there you go again.
no more vulgarities. no one left to offend.
they washed our dirty mouths, with some sacred soap
but if we can get that box out from... under them..
i do believe the blind...would see!
and the tension in the puppet strings, from the sky to you, would ease
then we'll be dancin' in the streaks...of the redshift!

so turn your network cameras on us! oh, sweet little dikembe, with his shitty pair of Nikes and his really positive attitude on his really positive HIV. how cute!? he doesn't even know who the fuck heath ledger is! can somebody fill him in?

hey, press start! we've been paused in this game way too long
and i, for one, would like to get to the boss..before i die from his unnatural causes..
'cause that's not my cause! not my cause.
and what if... we defeat him..or her.. or it...
can we still go play outside?


from Warship, released September 26, 2009



all rights reserved


The House Floor Brooklyn, New York

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