by The House Floor

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released September 26, 2009

Warship was recorded @ The Sound Castle in Roanoke, VA and The Prices Fork House in Blacksburg, VA (April & May 2009).

The amazingly talented and good-hearted Warship engineers: Andrew Maury, Adam "Automatic" Baber, Steve Bowen, and Tyler McDonald.

Contributing Instrumentation: Steve Bowen played slide guitar and banjo on "Makers of Taste/Tests/Waste/Pious Factions" and "Nice & Proper". Clay Violand played the bell lyre in "Nice & Proper". Adam Baber played the bongos in "Tyrants!". Andrew Maury, Clay Violand, and Steve Bowen all played supplementary percussion on "Lava (no hope for the a-span)". All words written by Alex Tschan. All songs written by The House Floor.

This record would never have happened if it weren't for the friendship, honesty, beliefs, and youthful spirits of Archie Lee Coates IV, Clay, Andrew, Adam, Steve, Tyler, and all of our closest friends and loved-ones (you know who you are and you are the reason we love this one life we have).

the house floor is alex tschan (voice/guitar), ryan lee (voice/bass), peter chudzik (drums/percussion), steve bowen (guitar/cool hat), phil uster (horse shoes).

We'd like you to know that Warship is available for free, here: www.mediafire.com?z931rsb58r9aq6i. We just want you to have it! But if donations are your thing, go crazy. Thanks for listening!

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The House Floor Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: "All Aboard" / MLWR(LOL!)
"All Aboard" / / / MLWR(LOL!)

i should have died there, with my happiness...
the changes it made are permanent...

i've got two windows in my little wooden room
and they let the sunlight in & that kisses my depression away
at least until the night, and then i am obsessed again

i watched the ash come down and cover our sacred grasses
collected offerings of pity from the privileged masses
and, uh uh uh oh...
also, an unhealthy respect for our lack of gun control

huh huh, bang bang

but just one look at me, at my skin, the class that i am in
and you say i should be so thankful for my capacity...
to be shocked and appalled when blood flows outside the vein

and no, my streets aren't rough, they never have been so
and yes, the camera man eats up our misfortune like a new vitamin
that you won't ever taste, 'cause this paradigm, it does just fine
with a Goya fake and a Superdome full of the drenched and the displaced

huh huh, bang bang
glock and load, kids! they know where you live!
and there's nowhere you can hide....

i want to be healthy for
the day my kids grow old
when their minds are microchips and their hearts are cold
and maybe that's not fair
i know i've always been...
so incredibly incredulous
but i really do have faith in my fellow man
'cause when we to move to Mars i'll be president
strong levees and a Prius for everyone!

yeah, you lol now, but i'm actually really fucking serious...

32("three-two") balloons....
and not one of them was you.

i don't want to be good all the time
i don't want it to be my fault
i just want to take some notes and not get shot
but i guess that's too much to ask
to sip the spirits of
this precious life that i lead and love
and to think it's that simple
that there's no price to pay
oh now, i'm throwing up in the alleyway
oh no, i need to lie down...
it's the safest place i know...
Track Name: Makers of Taste/Tests/Waste/Pious Factions
list all the times you said 'gold!'
'a twelve out of ten if i could give more'
oh, there was something in the way that he knew the pleasures & he mixed the sounds of his pet with a velvet secret
oh, this man is really quite .... charming.

but can this be new? after we have dissected all schools of thought, credited or discredited each opinion, projected the path of every trajectory to the promised land... oh, christmas in the ghetto... i think that it is mythos...
'cause i see suburban snowmen kept warm in Dolce stoles

but oh, don't you test me
'cause i might disappoint you .. so i lied
all the facts i know came from a public school
but are you my black president?
the one, for which, the Archers can be proud of us

hey can this be used? and re-used... just like new again?
oh, i'm sure it's fine. after all, we'll be dead by then
shall we raise our glasses, to the 7-dollar gallon days? & draft, upon some parchment, a declaration of dependency! christmas in the fallout shelter
singing some Helter Skelter... heard low in the Death Valley...
but don't you mind..those..secret codes

oh, in the digital moonlight
even the unskilled sleep tight
no one wants to work on Maggie's farm anymore...
just skip to the dance party
all the songwrights are dead or dying
but if you knew what i was into
you wouldn't speak to me that way !

but now that you're here... i am self-conscious.
are my ideas just some fleeting protest?
a fix for the user
a morsel for the starving man
a prayer from my mother
it won't save me, but it keeps me hangin' on...

oh, this one is nice but there'll be a better life.
oh, these days are so exciting, but there was a simpler time...
where all good men were entitled to the holy wine
and it was cows, not children, that must beat back feasting flies
i am the frozen plains and you are the climate change...
and it's all down from here!
or am i the tidal wave? over the great Sea Change...
the crest and the trough appear!

it might not be much at all...
it might not be much in your eyes
it might not reach you at all
oh, but if you just go ask the ones.......... on the coastline...

they'll teach you your constants.. of gravity.. of substance
and you'll meet your new rivals.. in culture.. & progress
we'll make a mighty lord out of fire & paper
we'll help each other fill the gaps with the infinite vapor
but the time it takes///oh the time that would take...//well, the time it takes...
never crossed my mind

oh, don't you bless me
'cause i know i'll disappoint you
when i die alone
i don't believe i'll get another try to atone
but i know how bad you do
that's why i feel so bad for you
Track Name: Play Doctor
Cut to the life all planned out... my general family practice. i got me a new mercedes-benz and a woman who's submissive to raise my children

well, now i make a point to disappoint
but dad, i'm learning all about some new thrills
good pills from the Gonzo kids
and all the fun ways to take them

but don't worry...i'll find god
and i'll stop genocide
and i will mean what i say
oh, thank you much...
but the good doctor says,
"i think you're all full of shit. so don't hold your breath"

oh, it is the most essential skill
to make the well from the weak and the ill
i do feel sorry for the ones who get hurt
& think that their pain can be dulled, with a song, or a lull-aby "la la la"
"la la la la"
i want to say more
i want to mean more
but i believe in "la"

oh god, i know the circumstance
your peerless face, my leper's hands
i fly your kite without the string
but feel no shock without the key!
it has nooooo no value!
nooooo no value!
nooooo.... no value!

francis packs it up for his boys
while he warns us that
two hits of my best shit
and all the ways you've failed start to drift away

ahhh, jesus christ
not another blast from the past
i just don't know how you live... oh, with yourself...
just like you have lived with yourself since we were kids...
i've moved on & up.

"hey next time you're in town i... well, i think we should catch up"
man, i'ma try.... but i already get so caught up
"oh, you're looking down now... when did i stop being good enough?"
i wish i knew... but it's probably when i stopped looking up
Track Name: Cheer Up, Chance (Some Personal Injustices)
it cuts me every time
oh, when you're poison syllables align
and in that old, familiar way
my tongue, it acquires the taste
of metal and blood
and suffice it to say
i've thrown all of your Buttons away
though now, my moms.. still wears.. your coat
on a scorching summer day...

"oh, hide and seek! down by the crooked creek
i think it's just what you need!
Okay, I'm counting!!!"

i better never hear if you refer to him as your son or your boy
oh, 'cause fuck your DNA
that don't mean shit if you've never heard him laugh or seen him play
and just a little fyi:
he has the soul of the gentlest giant
and a place exists when the tectonics shift
where you can never, ever touch him

hey, tag..you are it! when did you get smart as shit, Mr. Ulalume? i'll hook you up if you'd just be cool

"hey hey, big bro
do you think God will know?
that not all of me is pure...
that i live with scars from the scourge"

no, hey you, come here...
oh my god!, do you see what i see?!
that white dot is an angel, dear
and she's loved you for ten billion years!

oh oh oH oh OH (x3)
don't let him change you, dear
cause my hope is measured in fear & darker shades of fear
Track Name: Christian Friends
i wanted to go, too
i wanted to go with you
but i cannot go with you 'cause...
we know two different truths (uh oh)
the question mark or the pew (uh oh)
the living with what you lose...

so, will you shake me when the sordid thoughts over take me?
oh, the open-mind doth forsake thee!
can you help me fill it back in? (uh oh)
show me the proper ways one should sin (uh oh)
& why the murders must be forgiven....

talk to me, don't pray for me!

oh purple iris, you knew me when i made this
when my eyes were wild & so full of science
did i lose you to someone you could pray with?
oh, it's a godless faith, but it's a faithful substance

i know, i know, i know
that you can't possibly know
but i know, i know, i know
that i just want us to get to know...
get to know us before there is no us!... just a dusty floor...

you have your faith (x2).., and i have my... and i have my doubts
well, i can make believe, i can bend a knee
i can be thankful for the air i breath
but what i can't get is the arrogance
oh, if you don't know, then you're down below

oh, you say you want to talk....but you don't really want to talk... yours is a mind made up...that;s how you wanna make mine
oh, you never give up... how many more are the gates gonna take.. before the clouds start breakin'?

if you see my babe, tell her i'll be late....

i want.. to know, but i can live without it
i want.. to know, but i can love without it
i want to go... with you.. but i....
i am right where i want to be
in the field, with my mind set free!
(my my my mindset free)

i see through pupils not through glass so stained and ancient
i love you still but i don't get reciprocation
we roll in my car to 'the leader of the pack'
i roll my window down to feel the pristine air flow
you ask me, proudly, where did all this beauty come from?
i mention a large bang and take another drag...
Track Name: Tyrants!
stepped out into the woods that have held up the sky, at least for those of a limited mind.. but i'm pleased to say i keep tabs on mine... so it's expanding all the time...
i see so many beautiful colors!

the borderlines are meant not to be crossed
unless you're down for a war...
every cell is a metal tank!
it's something i've become... no, you are not wrong.

yes? no? maybe...
i don't care. it just takes so much to abstain
and the more i try... the more i find which habits i can't trade
just can't get that fifth column to go straight...
the borderlines tell you where you should stay
but mine just grow everyday....

i ate all the seeds, & planted the apples in the ground
man tried to tell me... it works the other way around
i said, 'i don't know, cause i hit stop but still hear sound
tried to just move on, but my roots were firm. my time was now.

i was a child, and i was under the whip, and a dark master barked out "have a nice trip?"
looked at the walls.. i couldn't look at the walls... cause if you look at the walls, they start to close in! (AHHHHHH!)

ooo, i do better now
i'm figurin' it out
how much i can take...
'til my head-nods turn to sha sha sha sha-shakes!
oh, my .. dedication....

oh, i made up a bed if you wanted to stay
it's dark outside..and it will be for days
why doesn't everybody always think this way?
it was a good try... all the rest will be ok...
why doesn't everybody always think this way?
doesn't anybody ever think this way??????
doesn't everybody always think this way???
(i wonder why...each and every time........)
Track Name: Nice & Proper
i know i'm easy to love
but my time is so precious, dear
don't let your guard down
don't let me be your guardian
uh uh uh, uh oh...
i'll be breaking all those faithful crutches
'cause that's how you learn!
that's how we all learn

and in the time it takes the earth to make one revolution around the sun
well, i've already started one
and it's already a year old
oh honey, you're so late!
noh... but you're never TOO late...
i'll give fair warning now...
the light is bright outside the cave

in my bones.. in my marrow..
there is a thing that gives life..
oh, but in murderous men
oh oH! oH OH! i don't get why...they have the same kind

i want to save your soul!
no, not with prayer.... my scalpel.. my scalpel... my scalpel!!
but who's gonna save mine when i stop breathin?
oh, who has to agree i'm a good person?

i'm gonna go to med school
i'm gonna be a doctor
i'm gonna fit in all nice & proper
and i'll make money
and i'll be happy
all the time

i'm gonna be a poet
a servant of love & language
i'm gonna live forever inside these verses
and i'll have freedom
but i'll be lonesome
all the time
Track Name: Lava (No Hope for the A-span)
"oh it's a boy! ... with a hopeful face
& if we refuse the constraints of time it could stay that way"

"watch it, son! don't you touch the ground
can't you see that it's lava now?
since your mother left us, dear
all her woven rugs, that stitch-line verve,
has turned to faulted earth"

father said "the righteous life is an arrogant one"
well, i have seen the light... i stared at the sun!
so now the fire and the flash that strobe the gilded code
when my eyes are closed is such a heavy load.

("come sit by me")
i hear the atheist speak... it's such a pleasing tone
all the lust, the use and abuse, held to this world alone...
BUT between us i can feel a pull/// & i'm almost certain it's not the chemicals... and it feels purposeful.

all i want is to go home
is it sad i don't know where i'm going?
this is all in my mind...
the whispering field, and the passing time
well, maybe we all should cool it for a while..
he's changing right before my eyes
oh dear god, he is changing right before my eyes!
there's always a change right before my eyes...
oh uh oh oh you have become a burden on me
and on everyone

oh, i have been so generous
with my tongue and my lips...
but now I'm done with them.

oh, the women on my arm have always been gorgeous
but the man on theirs hasn't always been honest
will my decisions wear suits!? or just stay in pajamas...
oh, i thought i was special...and could show you places
that no one else can get to
i dream of my restful place, but this is what i wake up to

i'd watch the way that i walk
around the ledge and i would watch the way that i talk around such malleable minds....
might need your love to get by!
might need your god to get by!...............
might need your love to get by!
might need your love to get by
oh, i need your love to get by
much like the drugs to get by, it's all in my mind...
and i say, it's all in my mind

i'm gonna miss you more..when the last one falls..for cupid's tired, old tricks
i'm gonna miss you more..when the hallowed halls..are filled with such doleful dirges
you're gonna miss me when...your revelations
are seen for what they really are!

oh, see my commitment!
i've come this far....
can't take it back now.
can't take it back now!
oh my god! (yes?)
ohhhh...i found that boy.
ohhhh...his eyes wet with joy!
ohhhh...it's who i've wanted you to meet!
ohhhh...thank god you found me.
ohhhh... your welcome.
Track Name: Axis
i was parsing through my lowlife searching for some highlights.. when
i'd been given a new lease on life. it's a loft apartment!
oh, i've never been gambling!.. on the Gaza strip..
nor have i eaten a meal without garnish...
when i go slummin', they don't get my reference
who wants to twist with me? in the streets of the townships...
oh, we'll be dancin' in the streets... of the townships.

oh, your clothes! full of holes... did i ha-ha-ha-hand them down?

oh, imagination... there you go again.
no more vulgarities. no one left to offend.
they washed our dirty mouths, with some sacred soap
but if we can get that box out from... under them..
i do believe the blind...would see!
and the tension in the puppet strings, from the sky to you, would ease
then we'll be dancin' in the streaks...of the redshift!

so turn your network cameras on us! oh, sweet little dikembe, with his shitty pair of Nikes and his really positive attitude on his really positive HIV. how cute!? he doesn't even know who the fuck heath ledger is! can somebody fill him in?

hey, press start! we've been paused in this game way too long
and i, for one, would like to get to the boss..before i die from his unnatural causes..
'cause that's not my cause! not my cause.
and what if... we defeat him..or her.. or it...
can we still go play outside?
Track Name: Debra Downer's Playin' with Her Barbies
now, i don't care about the 1s or the 2s or the 3s or the 4s
on the clocks anymore now, baby
sometimes i get bold and stick my hand in the fire
it's a helpful reminder & the only thing that saves me.

hey Debra downer
you're my new moon, and i'm your son
but we both cannot be young
& still... you're playin with your barbies again...
so i left you on the floor
gave you a light kiss on your very heavy head...
and put my childhood to bed.

hey michael, michael
we were just boys when we heard of god
and now you've found what i have not
but i was gonna lose you all along...
oh, my heartbeat lets me know...
if the conversation goes.. to the place that i call god...
when i'm inspired by the words.. that you gave me!

things are happening.. all around me...that i don't quite understand..so i keep.. i keep runnin'... runnin' towards the high.. the high ground... keeping my eye on.. the horizon.. til i have reached the point where i become the one who can explain the point.

nature or nuture---i wouldn't wanna hurt ya
no i i i ...i am a bastard, nothing more...
& my father was the eye of the proselytizing storm
and this error-filled comedy has always followed me around...
oh but, i get the joke now, ha ha. ha ha ha ha

oh my my... will you take care of me?
all i really need is a proper goodbye.